Role of Pharmacists in Disaster Management 2022

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It is defined as the sudden occurrence of a calamitous, usually violent, event resulting in substantial material damage, considerable displacement of people.


Natural or man-made, wars or civil disorder and pandemics have devastating effects on the lives of millions of people each year. Economic dislocation, collapse of political structures, terrorism, conflict, climate change, and mass population displacements are man-made disasters that also are increasing in impact.

Role of Pharmacists in disaster management:

  • Pharmacists or other pharmaceutical personal have a history role in disasters.
  • The role of Pharmacists in community pharmacies and hospital setting can be seen during the current ongoing coronavirus disease (COVID 19) disaster around the global.
  • Pharmacists are uniquely placed in the community to be of assistance to disaster-affected patients.
  • They also provided additional information to patients having associated chronic diseases.
  • Pharmacist worked with other members of the healthcare team and refer patients chronic disease related issue to them.
  • The unique situations disaster create require pharmacists to play non-traditional roles involving decision making in therapeutic protocols.
  • They are positioned during disasters to provide healthcare continuity and medication management to affected communities.
  • Taking medication histories
  • Providing vaccinations
  • Performing basic medical checks.


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