COVID-19 Short Notes | Introduction, Transmission of Covid



  • Covid-19 is a pandemic for all over the world and it is covers/spread all over the country. It is an infectious disease affected different person in different ways.Covid-19 affected person experience mild to moderate symptoms (mainly related to breathing system) and recover by normal processing and scheduling of our normal life style without hospitalization.
  • It is commly seen in the older age people and those with pre-existing diseases conditions (such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, lungs diseases, and diabetes).

About Corona virus—

  • Covid is cause by the Corona virus that is related to Rna virus or SAR-COV-2.It is derived from latin word.

Corona means “wreath or Crown”.

  • Its size extremely 50 to 200 nm in diameter and it is roughly spherical in shape and its molecular weight is 40,000 KDa
  • It is belong to viral family “Coronaviridae”.
  • Corona virus contains the proteinous coat also called nucleocapsids and positive sense single standard RNA(SSRNA) genome.
  • Covid-19 made up of 4 word.
  1. Co referred as-Corona
  2. Vi reffered as- viruses
  3. Reffered as-as-Diseases
  4. 19 referred as-2019.

Transmission of Covid—

  • It is type an infectious/transferable/communicative/Sharing disease.
  • Its virus mainly transmitted through droplets, coughing, sneezes or by touching the infected person.
  • In this disease when the infected person or sneeze or coughing then the droplets are hang in the air and then transfer to the healthy person.
  • Now days very common in peole to eating pickness of other person but it is one of the ways to tranfer of corona virus.
  • It is also transfer through the infected vector like housefly, needle sharing, contaminated towel etc
  • It also spread through insect and other animals.


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