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Daily Quiz for DPEE: 01th January 2024

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What is the purpose of the alligation method in pharmaceutical calculations?

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Which blood cell type is involved in immune responses?

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Which equipment is used for liquid-liquid extraction in pharmaceutical processes?

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What is the primary role of minerals in biological systems?

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The physiological role of serotonin includes:

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What is a key consideration in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals in hospitals?

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Which body is responsible for the constitution and functioning of State Pharmacy Councils?

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Which class of drugs is commonly used as analgesic adjuncts during general anaesthesia?

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In the context of antioxidant properties, which of the following is an example of a reactive oxygen species (ROS)?

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Which vitamin is essential for collagen synthesis and wound healing?

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What is the role of the Pharmacy Therapeutic Committee (PTC) in a hospital?

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Calcium carbonate is sometimes used in dental products for its role in:

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Potassium iodide, when used as an expectorant, is primarily indicated for conditions involving:

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Ammonium carbonate, as a respiratory stimulant, is primarily used in specific respiratory conditions, such as:

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Which of the following is an example of an antihistamine commonly used to counteract the effects of histamine?

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What is the primary function of a hospital?

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What is the significance of Schedule J in the Drugs and Cosmetics Act?

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Castor oil is a type of laxative that acts by:

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What is the primary objective of hospital pharmaceutical services?

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Which of the following is an example of an intravenous anaesthetic commonly used in general anaesthesia?

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Sodium meta-bisulphite is commonly used as an antioxidant in the preservation of certain food and beverages. What is its primary function?

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Sodium nitrite is used as an antioxidant and color fixative in cured meats. What potential health concern is associated with excessive consumption of sodium nitrite?

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Which of the following is a qualitative test for proteins?

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What is the primary purpose of adjuncts in general anaesthesia?

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Senna is commonly used as a laxative and acts by:



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