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General Pharmacology

  • Introduction and scope of Pharmacology
  • Various routes of drug administration – advantages and disadvantages
  • Drug absorption – definition, types, factors affecting drug absorption
  • Bioavailability and the factors affecting bioavailability
  • Drug distribution – definition, factors affecting drug distribution
  • Biotransformation of drugs – Definition, types of biotransformation reactions, factors influencing drug metabolisms
  • Excretion of drugs – Definition, routes of drug excretion


  • Drugs Acting on the Peripheral Nervous System

  • Steps involved in neurohumoral transmission

  • Definition, classification, pharmacological actions, dose, indications, and contraindications of

a) Cholinergic drugs
b) Anti-Cholinergic drugs
c) Adrenergic drugs
d) Anti-adrenergic drugs
e) Neuromuscular blocking agents
f) Drugs used in Myasthenia gravis
g) Local anaesthetic agents
h) Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)


  • Drugs Acting on the Eye
    Definition, classification, pharmacological actions, dose, indications and contraindications of

  • Miotics
  • Mydriatics
  • Drugs used in Glaucoma