Diploma in Pharmacy (Part-II)

Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy

Part-I: Hospital Pharmacy:


Definition, Function, classifications based on various criteria, organization, Management and
health delivery system in India.

Hospital Pharmacy:

Definition Functions and objectives of Hospital pharmaceutical services. Location,
Layout, Flow chart of materials and men.
Personnel and facilities requirements including equipments based on individual and basic needs.
Requirements and abilities required for Hospital pharmacists.

Drug Distribution system in Hospitals.

Out-patient service,
In-patient services- types of services detailed discussion of unit Dose system, Floor ward stock system,
satellite pharmacy services, central sterile services, Bed side pharmacy.


Economical considerations, estimation of demand.



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Hospital Pharmacy

  • Definition, scope, national and international scenario
  • Organisational structure
  • Professional responsibilities, Qualification and experience requirements, job specifications, work load requirements and inter professional relationships
  • Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) in hospital
  • Hospital Pharmacy Standards (FIP Basel Statements, AHSP)
  • Introduction to NABH Accreditation and Role of Pharmacists


Different Committees in the Hospital

  • Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee – Objectives, Composition and functions
  • Hospital Formulary -Definition, procedure for development and use of hospital formulary
  • Infection Control Committee – Role of Pharmacist in preventing Antimicrobial Resistance


Supply Chain and Inventory Control

  • Preparation of Drug lists – High Risk drugs, Emergency drugs, Schedule H1 drugs, NDPS drugs, reserved antibiotics
  • Procedures of Drug Purchases – Drug selection, short term, long term and tender/e-tender process, quotations, etc.
  • Inventory control techniques: Economic Order Quantity, Reorder Quantity Level, Inventory Turnover etc.
  • Inventory Management of Central Drug Store – Storage conditions, Methods of storage, Distribution, Maintaining Cold Chain, Devices used for cold storage (Refrigerator, ILR, Walk-in-Cold rooms) FEFO, FIFO methodse
  • Expiry drug removal and their disposal methods e.g., Narcotics
  • Documentation – purchase and inventory.


Drug distribution

  • Drug distribution (in- patients and out – patients) – Definition, advantages and disadvantages of
    individual prescription order method, Floor Stock Method, Unit Dose Drug Distribution Method, Drug
    Basket Method.
  • Distribution of drugs to ICCU/ICU/NICU/Emergency wards.
  • Automated drug dispensing systems and devices
  • Distribution of Narcotic and Psychotropic substances and their storage


Compounding in Hospitals.

Bulk compounding, IV admixture services and incompatibilities, Total parenteral nutrition


Radio Pharmaceuticals – Storage, dispensing and disposal of radiopharmaceuticals