Pharmacognosy 2 PDF Notes | B Pharmacy 5th Semester Noteskarts

Unit: 1

Metabolic pathways in higher plants and their determination

  • Brief study of basic metabolic pathways and formation of different secondary metabolites through these pathways- Shikimic acid pathway, Acetate pathways and Amino acid pathway.
  • Study of utilization of radioactive isotopes in the investigation of Biogenetic studies.
Unit: 2
  • General introduction, composition, chemistry & chemical classes, biosources, therapeutic uses and commercial applications of following secondary metabolites:

Unit: 3
  • Isolation, Identification and Analysis of Phytoconstituents

    • Terpenoids: Menthol, Citral, Artemisin
    • Glycosides: Glycyrhetinic acid & Rutin
    • Alkaloids: Atropine,Quinine,Reserpine,Caffeine
    • Resins: Podophyllotoxin, Curcumin
Unit: 4
  • Industrial production, estimation and utilization of the following phytoconstituents: Forskolin, Sennoside, Artemisinin, Diosgenin, Digoxin, Atropine, Podophyllotoxin, Caffeine, Taxol, Vincristine and Vinblastine

Unit: 5
  • Basics of Phytochemistry

    Modern methods of extraction, application of latest techniques like Spectroscopy, chromatography and electrophoresis in the isolation, purification and identification of crude drugs.